What is Whack a Ranking?

Por Serg!o el 12 Jan 2014, Sitio

What is the "Whack a Ranking"?

The "Whack a Ranking" also known as "WaR" is a new project that gives a score to each of the forum's hack-roms. This score rewards their activity and is added with every update, with comments and such.
Depending on the contents of each update, the hack-rom will be awarded with a specific amount of WaR Points.

Its updated permanently, and awards are given twice a year.

What happens with the leading project?

The hack in the first positions will be named: "King of Ranking".

Since what moment the ranking starts?

The ranking began to be in force yesterday, ie on September 1st of 2013.
However, the betas of active hack-roms that had came out two months ago or sooner, will obtain their respective points.

What are you waiting for participate in the WaR!?

Another notice!
Do you wanna be a journalist? We are looking for news writers! Send us a message in the contact section!

Nameless tile editor (with videotutorial!)

Por el 11 Oct 2010,

A tool with raw power. Nameless Sprite Editor is, undoubtedly, one of the best graphic editors out there.

NSE's main purpose is to edit minisprites, it may even seem that this tool is one of the various mini editors that are already available, but this is certainly not the case. It seems that Link12552,the author of this brilliant tool , has expanded his creation to modify all of the ROM's graphics.

It may not be as versatile as the Tile Molester Tool, however, NSE is a jack of all trades. Enough talking already.Let's check out what NSE has to offer.

  • Load and edit overworld sprites
  • Export and import minis as bitmaps
  • Export and import overworlds as libraries (stores frames and palettes)
  • Palette editing
  • Sprite resizing
  • Add or erase frames

General Graphics

  • Bookmark system (expanded by Wah) for frequent sprites or animations.
  • Load directly from an offset
  • Loads uncompressed animations, such as overworld sprites, animated tiles, etc.
  • Can load compressed graphics by lz77!! Like sprites and tiles
  • Plugin to edit Pokémon sprites


  • Palette editing
  • Built-in hex editor
  • ROM header editor
  • Import and export sprites' libraries in a .nsl file format

It really has a lot of stuff!. For more information, visit the author's site at: NSE Tutorial.

The following tutorial has been made by Sam that shows how to use the bookmarking system:

Download Nameless Sprite Editor in our Tools section:
Download NSE

Huge Pokémon Sienna with its 7 gyms

Por Serg!o el 11 Oct 2010, Betas
We're bringing you the just published Pokémon Sienna hacked by Manipulation.

Your aim would be enter at Indigo Plateau trainer school, however after being rejected you'll have to reach it by your own.

In Pokémon Sienna there would be an original new feature: the hero, you, would have to make decission that will change the whole storyline: when you came across the Team Rocket, what you gonna do? fight'em or join'em?
Your fate is decission-based. So make sure you think about them.

Moerover Sienna outstands because of it new Pokémon, a lot of greatly drawn fakes, look at them:

Read the features and see more images and videos in this hack space: Pokemon Sienna.

And... what are you waiting for? get it at downloads area:
Sienna B3
Remember it's based on US Pokémon Fire Red.

Pokémon Black and White sprite sheet

Por el 08 Oct 2010,

Huge contribution of sprites made by the forum !

I must admit that most pokémon of this new generation look, in my opinion, like fakes. But these sprites are the real deal, they're official.The impossible has been made, fakes actually turning out to be the next generation pokémon.

Warrior-Angel, who is an usual colaborator in the wah forum, published the sprites. You may find him in the sprites subforum, here is his request topic .Merit also goes to the Veekun web, that ripped the pokémon.Last but not least, many thanks to Ashter who ripped the trainers.

The sprite sheet contains the newest sprites separated individually (this was done for easier insertion, although they are 96x) and an additional sheet that has the front part of the sprites, shiny fronts, backs and mugshots of the trainers.

Without further ado, here's what you've been waiting for!
Pokémon Black and white sprites!

The You Tube just for hacker is born: Rom Hack Tube

Por Serg!o el 10 Jun 2010,
Finally we proudly present you all the new video portal prepared for rom hackers: the Rom Hack Tube

The idea has been developped mainly by our sister and affiliated web site PHO, btw soon news about it, and it consists in a 2.0 web devoted to pokehacking videos. Moreover, Wah has there an exclusive category for the wahackers, when you upload videos there just check "[ ] Wah". (Click here for see Wah's category videos )

Despite is a new born it has dozens of videos and it also great advantages like:
  • Include links and images in teh comments
  • Not overloaded and much faster
  • More sooffisticated votation system
  • Best integration with different hacking communities.
  • Exclusive hack previews

And now we need your help for growing so let's publish our videos there, too.

Enter here:
And sign up directly here:
Registrarse en

Ah! For publish videos in the wah forum, copy this numeric code:

...and write it in the forum like this:

Best Pokémon Images Ever

Por Serg!o el 24 Jan 2010, Concursos
...let's continue with the series of contests that coose the best of 2009.

Now we talk about a recognized specialty of our community, the graphics. Our 3rd screenshot contest took the form of a tournament with 16 participants including the best graphics hackers and, for sure, the results have not disappointed, here you go:
WinnerFinalist (runner up)
Alexmad - Pokémon Mitic IslandEing15 - Pokémon Keyra
Steven - Pokémon CronoR!cci - Pokémon Never

After hours of collecting images you'd better take a look at:
see all images full participants in the news.

Ligh Platinum been chosen best Pokémon hack in 2009

Por Serg!o el 18 Jan 2010,
The contest which choose the best hack of this year has come to an end and the community has voted that the 2009 Best Hack of the Year is:Pokémon Light Platinum

The winner has got a landslide victory, but anyway this year the level was sky-high and incredible hack works was participating. The eligible hacks for the award has been the games that had won the MHM (Best Hack of the Month) in 2009, a year characterized by gorgeous & rich graphics, advanced scripts and the ASM techniques' debut in our community.

Without doubt, a right decssion: Pokémon Light Platinum is an artwork and joy of the pokehacking and it's being developped in Ruby by our Brazilian friend WesleyFG, congratulations!

Premiados y participantes del MHA'09
Gold: Light Platinum by WesleyFG
Space - Thread 80 puntos
Silver: Never Blanco y Negro by R!cci Space - Thread 56 puntos
Bronce: Crono by SteveN Space - Thread 40 puntos

Now here you are some screenshots of winner Light Platinum, click for download it:

Download Pokémon Shiny Gold 5X German translation

Por Serg!o el 29 Dec 2009, Betas
Here comes a great news for German-speakers: now we've received the German translation of Pokémon Shiny Gold X made by Albo-One.

Well, the patch doesn't cover all texts but just the beginning. It goes as far as Violet City, the Bellsprout Tower place. Having such a famous hack translated would allow more german people take contact with rom-hacking art and would make them feel curiosity about hacking.


As always get it at hack downloads section:

Hack Catalogue at Full Power

Por Serg!o el 15 May 2009, Hacks
We have been working like a dog in hack data gathering so we wanna unveil for all Wah visitors the Pokémon Hack Rom Catalogue. This Catalogue is made out of spaces of every hack which are customized pages with all information about the hack: features, storyline, screens and download.

This catalogue aims to centralize the avalaible information about all hacks are worth to check out so that it serves for add fame to the stand out hacks. We'd like to collect information about those hacks with unique features and which go further from the mere copies and passing over hacks that were gave up fastly.
Right now we have made a space for the Wah community's hacks, and some remakes but, please, bookmark that page for check it out constantly cause we are updating it almost everyday with new hacks.
Moreover, besides the hack-spaces, when we have enough information there are the hack-sites with a portal, a walkthrough, a looot of screens and other specficic sections. Because this amount of information takes time to write it up, currently we have three sites: Quartz, Naranja y ShinyGold.

For learn more clic Pokémon Hack Catalogue, the electivire or the top menu's golden button. When you already had visited a space it would show a Pokéball in the catalogue. For change the language clic the topright flags. Please note the catalogue is different than the hack download zone, one offers information about all hacks, another offer the patchs about Wah's member hacks.

With all of this sections you'll keep yourself amused during several hours. What do you think? Which hacks do you miss?

Gold silver remakes: info and download

Por Serg!o el 14 May 2009, Hacks
logo orocorazon remake
Nintendo Japan has already cofirmed and has created a section about the DS offical remaes of Pokémon Gold and Silver but we know they are late... cause we already have got remakes hacked by fans of the metallic versions, many people would die for these remakes.

Facing the news many of you have requested us the downloads and information for play and appetize the next, but far, DS remakes. So as your wish is our command and also for remembering those advanced hacks we've decided to give a section listing the new features compiled and studied in the Gold and Silver remakes.
map johto remake shinygold
This are some of the key GS fetures and the first remake who introduce them:
  • Mobile telephone ShinyGold
  • Day hours Eissturm
  • In-game clock Avalaible in RSE but not in FR/LG
  • Roaming Pokémon Shiny Gold
  • Apricorn Pokéballs Shiny Gold
  • Two regions Shiny Gold

For see more information and full description see the section:
Gold Silver Remakes

Weekly forum review

Por Edo el 10 May 2009, Resumen del foro
Hello everybody!.
Today, Sunday we bring you the forum weekly status!

Hack Roms:
Hack published:
The Pokémon Dark Diamond by lukasr_lakd:
The Pokémon Walney by Astro:

The Pokémon Granito by HFI
Featured Hacks:
The Pokémon Keyra by Eing15
Script contest:
We are in the second round. two out of three groups have been defined.

This is all for now. See you next week, when we'll show you again the weekly forum summary, as always.


Completed transfer

Por Serg!o el 08 May 2009, Sitio , Circulares
Traslado concluido Welcome to all who come from the old domain:

We've been moved to this shorter one:

In this new stage, Wah reinforces herself for bring more support to not only the hispanic but the itnernational poké-hacking community. The aims for this version are:
  • A web site so much open and cooperative
  • Much more information about aaaaall the interesting hacks, thnaks to our hack catalogue, in expansion for now
  • Multilingual parallel version.
  • A more active sprite areawith more galleries.
  • Better organization.

I am sure all this will be accomplished as long as you all keep on collaborating and visiting us. Please tell us what do you think about the change [link=]here, in the comments.

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