Pokémon Crono

Uncover the time's mysteries in the Midamond region
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Pokémon Crono

The Time...who controls it possesses the biggest power of everything!To be able to travel in the time means to create the own can see what has been..and what will be...this is the Time...this is CRONO!


Uncover the time's mysteries in the Midamond region


  • New adventure to the discovery of the secrets of a fantastic region!
  • New characters!
  • New region.. the region of Midamond!!
  • Some fakemon by Neoriceisgood!!


You live your life the a small city in the region of Midamond...
You are a boy as a lot... if it was not for those your strange dreams.
You dream with to real positions.. that exist.. but that you have never seen...
and these dreams are so clear and true that sometimes are not able to distinguish them of the reality.
And if those moats a parallel reality??
A reality that he/she goes beyond the human imagination...?
A reality that hides a truth...
a truth erased by the Time..??
or of somebody...??

You miss things they are about to happen...
Dark powers are waking up..
Who is CRONO??
What does it hide the Time??
Which is your luck??
but mainly... will you be able to change it??


  • Hero 1 (Kylen Oak)

    This is one of the 2 heroes that can be chosen to the beginning of the game (I remember you that are both males).The history of the hack is in the preceding period to that of Red/Blue/Green and therefore the two heroes are respectivelythe parents of GARY (hero 1) and of ASH (hero 2).As it regards the hero 1 his original name it is KYLEN.It would seem what it characterizes him/it from the other ones they are the dreams.During the night ago of the strange dreams, he/she sees places that exist really but where he has never been; but the thingreally strange it is that to him it seems to know that place as of the distant memoirs and hidden in the angles moreremote of the mind.Its history has subsequently beginning to a dream (common to everybody and 2 the heroes), where a man with a black mantlea grave show him that is found in the DEATHON VALLEY, where its name is written there!He/she lives in a small city to south of the MIDAMOND called LITTLE TOWN.It has a friend that calls LUCAS, that Mr.RUFUS will introduce him for which it will develop some quest that will bring him to know a trainer very strong named Lance.Its first pokèmon is a very vivacious POOCHYENA that incotra by chance while it is developing a mission for Mr.RUFUS.In the beta 1 its adventure finishes at night, in its house, subsequently to another dream where the bogy man himit says to reach him/it to DEATHON VALLEY.Hero 2 (Nichie Catchum)
  • Mr.Rufus

    he is the most famous man of LITTLE TOWN it is it manages a breeding of ARCANINE of which it goes very fierce.By now it is a man of a certain age and therefore it is submitted a lot to his assistants ending up then being deceived.Despite this it is in contact with a lot of important people among which Lance.The hero 1 will meet him/it to develop some missions for him in exchange for a reward.
  • characterLucas

    This character is a boy that has had a very difficult infancy.When it was small lost both his parents in an accident, a thing that I mark him deeply.From that moment it transferred him to house of the grandparent to LITTLE TOWN it is he was suffered taken in liking by Mr.Rufus that it becamefor him a second is the best friend of Kylen and in the beta 1 will be that it will make you know Mr.RUFUS (if you will choose to use Kylen).In the beta 1 will meet at that time only it but it will be one of the protagonists of the principal history.
  • Lance

    Principal character of the beta 1 meeting for the first time Kylen to RED Ville and then to DRAKEN Ville (his city)where it will face a furious GYARADOS Rosso saving the city of DRAKEN Ville.
  • characterBOSS Giovanni

    he is the head of a trio of crazy persons that they have strange projects of conquest of the world.Kylen will meet him/it for the first time to the breeding of Mr.RUFUS, where he is disguised at keeper of the breedingand what then, with the help of his/her two accomplices Hall and Benn, will steal an ARCANINE it is it will escape.The second time will try to destroy DRAKEN Ville waking up again a GYARADOS Rosso instead but they will be stopped by Kylen and Lance.
  • charactercharacterHall&Benn

    They is the 2 accomplices of Giovanni and together with him they plan the conquest of the world.
  • characterLeon

    This strange type appears once only in the beta 1 to GREENWOOD, where it will show the dance of the moon to Kylen.This character he will still meet.
  • Black man

    Last but not less main point is the Black man.On him he is known really few...he/she is known only that appears in the dreams of the two heroes and that he speaks to continuation of a zone of the region of the MIDAMOND calledDEATHON VALLEY.
  • Brenda Whiskey

    The player meets for the first time this character, that comes from the MIDAMOND, after the fall of the meteorite to LITTLE TOWN.she is a friend of Mr.RUFUS and together with him they are impassioned of ARCANINE.BRENDA will accompany the player to SCARLET TOWN (in the MIDAMOND) where it will give him first a SQUIRTLE to face the mines and then a powerful SALAMANCE to return to LITTLE TOWN.
  • Maiden

    The player will meet her for the first time in a POKé CENTRE to SCARLET TOWN..You knows really few of this girl...Is known only that has some voids of memory that don't allow her to remember her past, and that it appears in the dreams of the player
  • characterSkott

    The player meets Skott for the first time to RED Ville (Beta 1).At that time he is talking to Lance.In the beta 2 the player will discover that he is the organizer of the competitions of selection for the EAST ACCADEMY.


  • Thanks to these people because without them I wouldn't have been able to make my hack.
  • Xiros: tiles of the big trees
  • Saurav: flowers, small trees
  • Alistair: Palms
  • Ozumas: animation dilutes
  • Skoria: Permits to be able to use some their tiles
  • Koder: Map of the region (soon)
  • WesleyFG: Tiles of the small rocks and Minos globe
  • Serg!o: Flores
  • Womanizer: Sweep of the titles
  • Nintendo: Tiles and minisprite of Fire Red
  • Derlo: Minisprite
  • Cuar: minisprite
  • and to everyone who supports this hack.. cause they give me the force to improve it and keep it on




First script: The dream...Gyarados event