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Get hacks, tools and more resources.

Hack Downloads

In here, the hack download section, you can:

  1. Get and play the Wah members' hacks and enjoy'em.
  2. Inspire yourself and find out what is possible in Pokmon rom-hacking.
Hacks - gba

Tool download

If wanna hack, please get and try out the basic pack tools before asking for help. Despite the tools avalaibles in Wah, if you want to take it seriously it's essential to get an hex editor along with the tools, for prepare, check and understand the modifications made by the tools in your hack-rom.

Most tool authors are advanced programmers who want to contribute to the rom-hacking community, that's why we can not express how much we thank to them for making faster the hacking tasks.

Some tools serve the same purpose than others, but many have extra functionalities so we recommend you to experiment with them.

Tools GBA Tools GB Tools NDS

Resource download

There are resources that complement the tools, like Thingy tables, ".ini" files or translation files. Other type of resource are the patches or graphics made for applyng to your hack. In the second case we sugest using them smartly, and don't abuse with them or your hack would loose it's originality.

Thingy tables Basics Tiles Lix Tiles Base patchs