Huge Pokémon Sienna with its 7 gyms

Escrito por Serg!o, el 11 Oct 2010, Betas
We're bringing you the just published Pokémon Sienna hacked by Manipulation.

Your aim would be enter at Indigo Plateau trainer school, however after being rejected you'll have to reach it by your own.

In Pokémon Sienna there would be an original new feature: the hero, you, would have to make decission that will change the whole storyline: when you came across the Team Rocket, what you gonna do? fight'em or join'em?
Your fate is decission-based. So make sure you think about them.

Moerover Sienna outstands because of it new Pokémon, a lot of greatly drawn fakes, look at them:

Read the features and see more images and videos in this hack space: Pokemon Sienna.

And... what are you waiting for? get it at downloads area:
Sienna B3
Remember it's based on US Pokémon Fire Red.
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