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Experience a completely new adventure in Koren & Kaioh
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Pokémon Omega
Koren & Kaioh


Experience a completely new adventure in Koren & Kaioh


  • New regions: Koren & Kaioh.
  • 386 Pokémon of the 4 generations!
  • New and interesting characters.
  • New graphics -> Forest style.
  • Missions system, you will work as an EPKK member.
  • A completely new adventure.
  • And much more!


Part 1:

10000 years ago… darkness and silence reigned in the sister regions, known as Koren and Kaioh since ancient times. The two regions were completely destroyed because of the battle between the guardian of Koren, known as Giratina, against the guardian of Kaioh, Regigigas. The battle seemed to have no end, there has passed six months of intense battle and none of the guardians even thought to give up.

To stop the battle, many of the worlds strongest pokémon went to the region, but very few had the courage to intervene, but none of them achieved any possitive result.

Suddenly, appeared whos said was borned before the worlds creation. With its immense power it separated the two contenders, hiding them on two different parts of the sister regions, so that the battle would never be repeated again.

Part 2:

In the year 1512, captain Blue gost lost while navigating in the peaceful seas of the south, and after two months, where all seemed to be lost, he discovered the sister regions.

Captains Blue journal:

July 7, 1512: After two months of being lost and hopeless, today we saw a piece of land in the horizon. This is a relief since we dont have any more resources. We hope that this new world has enough resources for us and its good enought to belong to our empire.

July 12, 1512: Finally we are on the region! Its beautiful, now we are going to explore.

July 13, 1512: We have just discovered there is another region very close to this one, this is perfect, we will be able to expand our empire. My researchers said humans can live here, even though we haven´t explored much.

July 14, 1512: This morning we have discovered the first signs of life, we saw a small pokémon that our Paper Pokedex (What do you want? Look at the year^^) doesnt have it written.

July 14, 1512 (afternoon): This is amazing! There is human life in this region (obviously they are inferior than us). They have a very primitive language, but our translators were able to translate the majority. They told us the regions were called Koren & Kaioh, and also that they loved us and they would make a party to us, or maybe they said they hated us and wanted to kill us, who knows.

July 17, 1512: My researchers discovered a cave, but its entrance is covered by a huge stone with strange symbols on it, which we cant understand yet.

July 18, 1512: We have returned to the same place were we had found the entrance of the cave, but now we couldnt find it, its very strange.


The rest of the journal is useless.

Part 3:

Necro, who was Captains Blue friend, managed to discover what the symbols said, and he discovered lot of things about that epic battle which took place there many years ago. He became ambitious and founded the Team Shadow, with the aim to catch those Pokémon that fought on that battle, so to be able to take over the world.

Year 2000: The sister regions now have a lot of population, and the indigens are completely extinct… The Team Shadow has become very famous and now have thousands of members, they steal everything they can to become rich, but never forget their main objetive.

To stop them, one of the best Pokémon Masters, called Zel, created the EPKK. This team also became famous, but for doing good. Many people joined, although many of them werent strong trainers.

Part 4:

Now: ?¿?¿?/?¿?¿? has lived all his/her life on a city of Koren, called Leaf City. ?¿?¿? is 15 years old. In this city, people became trainers on their 15th birthday since being a trainer with a lower age would be risky because of the Team Shadow. Professor Firo gives to ?¿?¿/?¿?¿ its first Pokémon, so it can start its adventure throw the sister regions, Koren & Kaioh to win the 8 gyms, and eventually go on to win the Pokémon League.

On its trip, the protagonist will meet lots of people, some of them will be rivals, other friends, and others enemies...

He/she will catch lots of Pokémon, and with the help of new friends it will have to defeat Team Shadow.

The protagonist is a normal teenager who thinks it can make a difference, will he/sge?


Ciudad Hoja Pueblo Verde Murkrow
Snorlax Shinx Ozumas
Mew Pueblo Trueno Cueva Oscura
Master Ciudad Petalos Zona Nevada 1
Zona Nevada 2 Cueva Hielo Ciudad Glaciar 1
Ciudad Glaciar 2 Ciudad Petalos 2 Ruta 1


Algunos de los videos son algo viejos y están desactualizados.