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Showcasing the best graphics of trainers and Pokémon
starter Turtwig Chimchar Piplup sprite

Years ago Wah was a site with hacks, tools and tutorials, but after 2006 we decided on host sprites, too, wich are independent graphic works, it is, graphics not inserted in a hack. The decission was made with a double aim: showcase them as a model to follow and, when permitted, for use 'em in yours hacks . You'll know which ones you could insert in your hack in the license explication at the beginning ofevery section.

Section Description Sample
Sprites Dex The Sinnoh Pokédex 483 sprites from Diamond and Pearl. Their dimensions are 80x80, NDS Pokémon standars, so for GBA must be resized to 64x64. Sample sprite
The farm In this section eventually will appear animated eggs which Wah has grown so that you adopt one and use it in your sign. After a while the eggs will hatch. For notice the new eggs stay tune to the news section. Sample sprite
Generacion Shinou Before D/P come out here in Wah we already had the new generation sprites depurated, preparated and indexed for being useful to the hackers. We have originals and modifications. You\ll find indexed sprites insertable with unLZ.gba of the main DP Pokémon. Sample sprite
Neoriceisgood This awesome spriter designed a full Pokédex of 150 species for his region, called Midamis. Sample sprite
Pako Master Here you could see dozens of trainers for GBA made by Pako Master, also known as Neos. Sample sprite
Minisprites We have people overworld sprites for your hack, made by Cloud (Zunex/Zel!x). Sample sprite
Enviar Sprites In here you can send us your sprites via the contact form. Sample sprite