Pokémon Toxic Purple

Play as a Team Rocket member stealing Pokémon in Kanto.
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Pokémon Toxic Purple

Enter ckret2, another beginner to ROM hacking with a big idea and littleexperience. Much progress is being made, though! I can even script now, ohboy. I'll admit right here that the inspiration for this hack was Rocket'sRevenge, although I'm certainly not trying to copy it; I discovered the hackafter it was long canceled, and all I really know about it is the basic infoincluded in its first post, and the YouTube video of the first few minutes ofgameplay. Mine isn't anything like Rocket's Revenge. Although it is TeamRocket centric. And I should probably move into the story now.


Play as a Team Rocket member stealing Pokémon in Kanto.


  • Custom sprites (including overworld), new story, new plot, Johto access, new characters in addition to old ones and a few animé ones (no, you aren't playing as Jessie and James...). All Kanto and Johto Pokémon available, no plans at this point to include Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokémon.
  • New starters, naturally. Not a hundred percent sure what they'll be yet. Not Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth, though. Seriously, you're a Grunt. You might be getting the wonderful choices of Rattata, Rattata, and Rattata. I repeat: you're a Grunt. It'll inspire you to go get better Pokémon.
  • Like I said, this was inspired by Rocket's Revenge, and so (with permission from EarthsVisitor) PokéCenters won't heal your Pokémon, and most of the time when you enter a house the homeowners will battle you.
  • Stealing Pokémon and smaller team sizes. These two tie into each other. Sometimes, after a battle, the poor loser you beat will be forced to give you his or her Pokémon. Unfortunately, if you don't have an open space in your party, you can't accept the Pokémon, and you'll never have another opportunity to accept it. So, you can have a full team of six, but if you want to do your job as a Rocket, you'd better keep your team size small.
  • No gym challenge. You'll have to do other things if you want to get promotions, but so far the only gym leader you'll be battling is Sabrina. Like she's going to let Team Rocket take over her city and lock her up in her own gym without a fight. Other Super Epic Fun Battles include beating up an innocent mother Marowak (who somehow, despite all rules of evolution, is level 10... Hey, she's the first Epic Battle of the game, I did what I could), a pack of wild Starters in the East-West Underground Tunnel who hate your guts for some yet-to-be-disclosed reason, and a bunch of lousy Viridian kids who attempt to take over the Gym while Giovanni is away.
  • A whole bunch of rivals. Mostly mini- rivals, I suppose. (Kinda like Wally.) First there's your own partner (your official rival) who loves challenging you to show off his newest steal, but then there's also Red in Kanto, and Kris in Johto, as well as Jenny. Plus (not a true "rival" but still...) Mewtwo's newest hobby is collecting trainer underlings-- willing or not--and bothering Rockets with them.
  • No HM slaves! Every single HM needed in ToxicPurple will be made available through Key Items. No Cut, no Surf, no Strength, no Rock Smash, no Waterfall. Definitely, definitely no Flash. And now I've actually figured out HOW to script all these things, so we're completely good to go on an HM-free game.


Congratulations, you've just graduated from Team Rocket's boot camp and are ready to get your own Pokémon and start wreaking havoc! You and your partner are being sent to the hidden Rocket base in Saffron City, where you will get your first assignment to go to Lavender Town. Don't bother trying to go to any other city: all the other security guards are on the look-out for Rockets and won't let you through. We've bribed off the East Gate guard, though...

You'll be involved in all of Team Rocket's most impressive schemes. Poaching Cubone in Pokémon Tower is only the beginning. You'll be helping Team Rocket as it slowly moves towards its ultimate goal: Taking over Silph Co. and, after that, Kanto. There will be some kinks in the plan, of course. There's this twerp named Red who seems to show up on the scene just after you leave, undoing all of Team Rocket's hard work. There's a rookie Officer named Jenny who just won't leave you alone. There's the constant threat that Mewtwo might come back from his self-imposed exile to wreak havoc. And then, then there's the fact that Team Rocket is about to break up for three years.

Three years into the future, you'll be involved in the effort to bring Team Rocket back from an undeserved defeat: cutting off Slowpoke tails, taking the Radio Tower director hostage, rigging up complicated radio signals, searching for your missing boss, the works. But Red's example has spawned more ambitious young twerps, and the glorious comeback won't last long. Team Rocket will fall a second time.

Its third incarnation will be all up to you...

Main Characters

Main Characters minispritesThe two on the left are the male and female Players; the one on the right is the Rival. They've actually been slightly edited, but I don't feel like posting the edits right now. Only the female has a full set of walking frames; the male and rival are all done except for the left/right walking frames. The Player (whichever gender you decide to be) has a default name of Corey (which is conveniently unisex), and the rival is named Leone, because I've been reading too much Godfather and Team Rocket reminds me of the Mafia. Corey is a kid from Mahogany Town whose family has a history in organized crime, although you don't meet the parents for over half the game; he/she got recruited quite easily while traveling Kanto and hearing the pitch from the Nugget Bridge Grunt. Leone grew up in Cerulean City, so he's actually known that Grunt for several years and signed up for Team Rocket as soon as they would let him. Corey and Leone went through training together and thus are now partners upon graduation.


Assuming I didn't forget anyone. [list]
  • ckret2: leader, scripter, part-time mapper, current spriter... er... storyliner? Sure, let's call it that.
  • Disturbed: mapper
  • The warden: mapper
  • Zanny77: spriter
  • Surf: level scripter
  • TombolaMan: part-time storyliner
  • Ricchan (not on PC): part-time storyliner and muse extraordinaire
  • Vrai: the guy who made the first awesome support bar.
  • flyin_hawaiian: the guy who made the secondawesome support bar. Speaking of which...
  • Gallery

    A bunch of new Grunts, lining up to get their starter. (Your partner/Rival is up at the top.)And the exciting starter is...screen... darn.Various interior images of various rooms:screenscreenscreenscreenscreen(And yes, that is a Nurse Joy giving the all-your-Pokémon-fainted speech. Right now, you cannot be taken to the Saffron Pokémon Center at all when all your Pokémon faint, but you can go back to the Rocket Base. When I start putting in more Rocket Operatives, the same will be true for all towns.)Exterior, featuring the oh-so-brilliant place where Team Rocket decided to stick their "hidden" base: