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  • New region: The Orange Islands
  • Pokémon from Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.
  • Five 4th generation Pokémon + two fake preevolutions + two new Unown.
  • 4 badges with challenges like in the anime.
  • Story from the 2a league episodes
  • Higher level and more 2vs2 battle = harder game
  • Last release: beta 2
Ash Ketchum

Do you remember the Ash's adventures in the Orange Islands?

Now thanks to with the hack Pokémon Naranja, they are waiting for you in a videogame so that you'll be able to walk the tropical archipielago just like it happened in the anime but at your very own rhythm.

The second season of the Pokémon anime will return in Pokémon Naranja exactly like in the series but as a videogame that you can play.

Apariencia profesional Awesome and updated graphics Aventuras Pokémon como en la serie Colourful world Tropical Pokémon Play as Ash or Misty Anime series characters Two movies: Mew VS Mewtwo and Pokémon 2000 New trainers Special Pokémon Spectacular maps White sand, deep blue sea, palms... What are you waiting?
  • Placed in a tropical region never pictured in a game: The Orange Archipielago.
  • The same plot of the anime, with all episodes included.
  • Updated fauna with Hoenn, Johto and Kanto Pokémon.
  • Four gyms with chalenges as in the anime.
  • Harder difficult with more high level and more double battles.
  • Moreover: 5 Sinnoh Pokémon + 2 new preevolutions +  2 new Unown.
  • The archipielago's Pokémon, as in the anime, have altered colourations.

ash gs-ball The general story line is that Professor Oak sends Ash, Misty, and Brock to the Orange Islands to collect a mysterious golden and silver Poké ball called the GS Ball found by Professor Ivy.

When the trio reaches her lab, Brock decides to stay with the Professor and her three female assistants. Ash and Misty are soon joined by Tracey, a Pokémon Watcher in training who sketches.

They'll have various adventures as they travel from island to island, and meet up with their foes Team Rocket.

The adventure has just begin....

Choose a city.
In the second beta of the Orange Islands these are six cities, which are not few (Kanto had 10) and they are also full of adventures. If you hover the mouse over a beta 2 city you'll see a picture and in some you can click it for watch a video about the city.

clues If you get lost, there is no valid excuse for not keep on playing, just have in mind these cheats:

  • Make sure you've got a Chatot before defying the first trainers, if not Pikachu'll fall fainted.
  • If Tracey don't let you go into Tangelo Recuperation Center ask permission to the Prof. Ivy's blue-hair helper.
  • When you've had got Lapras, level it up so that he learnt surf and, within the Pokémon Center, talk to Tracey and the boy for leave Valencia.
  • Fill the poke-bebederos with milk and f you come back you could catch a Kecleon.
  • After defeating Sissy go with a free space to the woman disguised as a palm-tree and she will give you an egg.
  • You should have taken the battery - asked by the news reporters - just after defeating Drowwzee.
  • For reach the Crystal Onix you'll have to jump the walls.
  • In order to heal Shelder find the Sangora alga and give it to Joy.
  • You'll need patience and a lot of control when you are in the sledge race if you want to ovetake Danny.
  • Later go to Kabuto Island.
And here you have some links for you enjoy tourism in other Naranja islands destinations: Download
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