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  • New region: The Orange Islands
  • Pokémon from Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.
  • Five 4th generation Pokémon + two fake preevolutions + two new Unown.
  • 4 badges with challenges like in the anime.
  • Story from the 2a league episodes
  • Higher level and more 2vs2 battle = harder game
  • Last release: beta 2
Ash Ketchum

Welcome to the Orange Island's Pokémon Naranja walkthrough. Especifically this guide is a video guide so you can see a video of every important event which happens in the hack. The text was wrote by Aronburnsyou, aswell as the videos are uploaded by him.

We strongly suggest you to check the Spanish guide out, specially if you think this one is brief or if you were looking for a traditional exhaustive walkthrough with info about every area's wild pokemon, every shop's items and every trainer's team and levels.

Pallet Town

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This is the first scene in my favorite hack currently on the pkmncommunity website. However, I couldn't help but cringe at the constant sight of mispelled questions asking for help and walkthroughs. Now I've decided to take matters into my own hands, so I've decided to make a video walkthrough of this game, recording only the major events (basically scripts relevant to the plot).

In this video, I demonstrate how to board the zeppelin headed to Valencia Island. Just don't waste the same time I did trying to find Oak in his lab ahead of time, and do the two events preceeding it.

Ivy's Lab

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In this segment, your goal is to obtain the GS Ball from Professor Ivy. but we encounter problems with Stun Spores and short-lived Repels in doing said task.

In the grass you saw, you can find the following pokemon:

-Hoppip -Teddiursa (Good for stockpiling Pick-up items) -Chatot?!?!? -Shroomish -Bellossom

Lapras & the Orange Crew

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We try to get into the healing center, but Tracey won't let us until we get special permission from Prof Ivy, but for some reason, her blue-haired assistant gives you the necessary permission instead. Once he lets you in, be prepared to battle his pokemon, as seen in the video.

After you save Lapras, make sure to talk to the people inside the Pokemon Center to unlock the Orange Crew (a.k.a. the rest of the game).

PS: The grass around the recovery center is basically the same as the last route, adding Sunkern & Sunflora(unsure) to the bunch.

Getting Surf

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Despite the fact that this has been told to you twice in the game by this time, the question has still come up, and after all, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't put this part up anyway, so here's how you obtain the ability to surf across the tropical waters of the Orange Islands.

Jessie & Meowth

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Well, honestly, I only posted this video because I like the battles with major characters.

Anyway, this happened on the way to Sissy's gym. If you have trouble getting there, Surf Southwest from Valencia Island, and maneuver your way to forest you'll eventually find. In the forest, there will eventually be a Vileplume, similar to the one that attacked Prof Ivy. Talk to it only if you want to go back to the pokemon center, b/c it teleports you there.

If you want more grass pokemon, this forest has tons!


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Anyone remember that Vileplume way back in the forest that sent you back to Ivy's Lab in Valencia when you talked to it? Well, try talking to it with a Paralyze Heal in your inventory.

The Wave Race

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We finally make it to the first gym, only to find out that the leader, Sissy, won't battle us until we defeat her in a wave race.

Rules & Tips: -Enter the race track once Sissy passes the entrance -Maneuver your way through the track counter -clockwise until you complete a full lap. -If Sissy wins, do it over again. -Avoid the dark dots.

Battle With Sissy

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At long last, we finally get to battle the first member of the Orange Crew, Sissy.

If you've been training the Pikachu you had at the beginning, then you should have the upper-hand of this match, just so long as Blastoise's Icy Wind doesn't strike.

As for Quagsire, it'll go down with one grass attack, and there've been far too many grass pokemon to choose from at this point, so as long as you didn't just try to speed through the game with as little contact with battles as possible, you should be fine for this match.

En Guarde!


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There are three things you must do before this event can happen:

-Defeat Sissy -Have Pikachu know Thundershock or Thunderbolt -Defeat the trainer in this video.

Once you've done these three things, talk to her with extra space in your party to get an egg.

Cassidy & Butch

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We finally made it further into the game, and we met up with even more Team Rocket members.

To get to this island, you need to go all the way back to Tangelo Island (where the Lapras & Geodude were), and then head north from there to get to the most industrial of the islands.

While surfing north from Tangelo, you may be able to find wild Horsea in the water, but they're rare.


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After Butch & Cassidy abandon their Drowzee, you have the chance to capture it yourself, but somehow, it's a level lower than when they used it against you.

Honestly, capturing it is recommended (by me), because this game seems to have an absence of Psychic pokemon (the only other one I can think of is Abra), and they'll come in handy later on.

Remember the location of this building, because you'll need to come back again later.

The Crystal Cave!!!

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At long last, the most troublesome area in the entire game, the Crystal Cave, is now about to get conquered! I just decided to start the filming right when the first fork was found. Anything before it is pretty much self-evident already.

To get to the cave, travel north from the Industrial island (why can't I remember the name of that island), and then you'll get stopped by a little girl. Go to the house you find, and talk to anyone you can in there. Once done, the Crystal Cave is now accessible (and west from the current location).

Come prepared, for the Onix that lies at the end is at Lv20.

Throughout the cave, you can find wild Shellder, Cloyster, & Tangela.

The Crystal Onix

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Here it is, the Crystal Onix, the one Mateo told us about. I just have to capture it so he can get his inspiration back.

One thing you should know about this Onix is that it's no longer a Rock/Ground type. This one is an Ice/Steel type. It's also a pain to capture, because if you need to use more than one pokemon to weaken it just enough with, it'll stop you from switching with its Bind attack. Also, it has a really low capture rate, but if you're patient, you'll have a Crystal Onix of your very own.

Pinkan Island

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After the Crystal Cave's through, this is the next place to go. To get here, you must surf west of the Crystal Cave, then north, then east, then south, basically in a big loop (ah, you'll see in the video).

Be prepared to fight Rhyhorns and Victreebels, 'cause you'll need to.

The pokemon you can find here include: -Mankey -Rhyhorn -Lickitung -Pidgey -Pidgeotto -Swablu -Electabuzz

Make sure to bring a pokemon that can use Rock Smash/Remolino (be sure to get that from Mateo once the Onix is captured/fainted).

Getting the Battery?

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Unfortunately, my save file has suffered a few programming glitches, so I won't progress past this point. I will, however, still be able to record a few side quests bearing no importance to completing the main story.

Possibly the most unbearable of all tasks alongside the Crystal Cave, in order to get through the Kabuto Cave, you must find a battery for the news reporters. Now, can any of you remember the last time we were dealing with something running on battery power? That's right, the lair of Cassidy & Butch, the battery is still in that machine!

However, many people, like me, have suffered a glitch that makes the game think that the battery has already been taken, so it will be impossible to retrieve it.

Getting Flash

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This is the event that follows the retrieval of the battery.

I'm pretty sure both the double battle & the wild pokemon in this video will seem familiar to all you RSE players.

Also there's more to the Kabuto Cave than this, but I'm still unsure whether or not it can be activated before defeating Danny, the member of the Orange Crew that will allow you to use Flash. In the meantime, I suggest leaving the rest until later.

After this, surf northeast to reach the next city.


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Oh man, this girl is obnoxious. If only there was some way I could get rid of a girl standing on a ledge so close to the ocean. Maybe if I push her off. Hm, it's worth a shot.

This event can be skipped, but it's worth doing, for the sake of getting a Lv30 Golduck on your team. Sure, all it can attack with is Confusion, but that's not something a little leveling up and TM hunting can't fix.

To do this event, you can't have six pokemon in your party.


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This is one of the events available after beating Marina. It's kind of like a prequel to the Ice Beam event. Go North to Joy's house and she will be waiting for you, asking a favor.

Once again, you'll need one Potion for this. Once you have it, talk to Joy again (or the first time if you already had one to begin with), and she'll take you underwater. The rest is basically self-explanatory.

Sorry, but I'm not sure what pokemon were put underwater in this hack.

Ice Beam

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As soon as you get to Navel Island, I suggest doing this right away (or as soon as you heal). Ohterwise, you'll be stuck leveling up Lapras until it learns it on its own. If you have the patience to do that, then by all means, go ahead.

To do this event, all you need is a potion.

While walking on the sheet of ice, you can find the following pokemon: -Seel -Spheal -Sealeo

The Sledge Race

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Finally, the 2nd member of the Orange Crew, Danny. Once again, he has a challenge for us, one I would consider harder than Sissy's.

To access this gym, you must have a pokemon that can use Ice Beam (it should be Lapras, but I don't think it matters who knows it). Once that's done, you need to make a sledge (which is basically the same as zipping through dialogue). After you make the sledge, the tricky part comes. You must defeat Danny in a sledding race!

Here are some tips to winning: -Stay on the tiled track (sorry, that was a bit obvious) -Try to maintain speed without bumping into walls (going fast isn't as important as going off-course)

Um, that's about it. Unfortunately, you have to get near perfect results in order to defeat him, but it shouldn't take too long to accomplish.

Good luck!

Battle with Danny

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This battle can become complete disaster if you don't finish it quick. Why? Because Danny is an evasion noob! His Machoke & Scyther both have Double Team, and his Nidoqueen has Mud Slap (and Ice Beam if you try to avoid it with a Flying type). However, his pokemon shouldn't last too long if you have a type advantage.

Here are some tips that I didn't follow in this battle: -Try to take Machoke out before he uses Double Team. -If possible, try to lure in offensive attacks (Taunt would work well if it comes up in the game anywhere). -Remember when I said that a Psychic type may come in handy later on? His Machoke is why. -If you caught one of those Geodudes at the beginning of the game, I suggest leveling it up & evolving it if possible to take out Scyther with a 4x effective Rock Throw. -Lapras should just about cover Nidoqueen.

Good luck everyone!

Kabuto Cave

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This is it, my last Naranja video!!! That is, until beta 3 comes out.

This was the event I wasn't sure about unlocking before Danny. I actually have yet to try doing this before then, but at least I'm doing it.

Basically, be prepared to encounter a Mawile, a Team Rocket duo, and a sideways cave door. As vague as that is, there's not that much more to it.

I'd like to thank Serg!o for making such an amazing and challenging hack, and I look forward to his later work. Bye everyone!


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Or at least I think that's what it's called. Anyway, these are just cups installed on trees spread across the game, working in the same fashion as D/P's Honey Trees. You fill them with Moo Moo Milk, and come back later to find a pokemon.

(I'm not completely sure about this, but I think you can also get Kecleon this way)


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